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Art At The Library

The Cheshire Library is proud to display the work of local artists from all walks of life.  Artwork is displayed in our entrance way as well as the walls of the Mary Baldwin Room on our main level. Our art displays are open for public viewing  during library’s regular hours.

Please visit our front desk for more information about a specific piece or artist.


Our Current Display


Audrey Kantrowitz

Greetings everyone! 

My name is Audrey Kantrowitz, and I am so happy to be having my artwork displayed at the Cheshire Public Library. I currently live in Southington, Connecticut, and though I was not diagnosed until after graduating high school, I am on the Autistic Spectrum. I have been fascinated by art, and drawing and painting ever since I learned how to pick up a crayon. My parents, Seth and Patty Kantrowitz, have always been supportive of my love for drawing and painting, and signed me up for various art classes as I grew up. During my junior and senior year of high school, I attended Educational Center for the Arts (ECA) in New Haven, Connecticut. Not only did ECA’s tutelage help me refine my techniques, it was also where I met the man who would become my very supportive, and fellow artist husband, Michel Stango. As of now, I continue to make art, usually in the form of canvas paintings, as well as working on a graphic novel about the life of Joseph Merrick, also known as the Elephant man, which I hope to get published. My favorite subjects to paint are usually characters from literature, history, and movies, such as silent screen legends, Lon Chaney and Theda Bara. 

Thank you so much for coming to see my artwork. It is an honor for me to be exhibited here, and I hope through this, I might be able to have more opportunities to show what I can do. 

Please visit the Cheshire Public Library to see the full display!

Showcase Your Art

Are you an artist who would like to display your work at the Cheshire Library?  We are welcoming applications from new artists!  Simply click below and fill out the artist submission form.

Information for Artists about Exhibiting at the Cheshire Library

Art exhibits featuring the work of local visual artists are part of the Cheshire Public Library’s cultural mission.  The library welcomes submissions for consideration in the library’s display areas.

Area artists are welcome to apply, with priority being given to those living or working in Cheshire.  Our Art Exhibits Selection Committee consists of four members of the Cheshire Performing and Fine Arts Committee (CPFA) who evaluate works for technical and artistic quality and the contribution to a lively and varied program for the year. Potential exhibitors should fill out the online application and submit it along with 4-6 digital images of works they plan to display. Artists may also include links to their websites or social media pages.  Exhibits are generally displayed for one month. All exhibits must be appropriate for family viewing.

The committee meets twice a year to select art for the exhibits. The deadlines for submissions are December 31 and June 30.

There are two display areas in the library, a wire grid hanging wall in the lobby and the Mary Baldwin Room.  The lobby display area is 12’ by 5’.   The Mary Baldwin Room has a hanging system which offers 55 linear feet of space.  Paintings may be hung one above the other. An exhibit can utilize both spaces or just one.  Artists are encouraged the visit the library to assess the space.

For questions please email the committee at art@cheshirelibrary.org.  

Purchasing Art

Though we don’t display prices on the artwork, some pieces may be for sale by the artist.  Price listings as well as the artist’s contact information are available at our circulation desk.  All sales are to be made by contacting the artist directly.

Upcoming Displays

Upcoming art displays coming soon.