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Artsplace Artful Attire Challenge

The Virtual Runway Show is Underway!

Sponsored by Artsplace, The Friends of CPFA/Artsplace, Inc., and the Cheshire Public Library

Inspired by the popular reality tv show Project Runway!

  • This contest is scaled for Barbie and Ken sized characters of 14” or smaller.
  • The challenge is divided into three age groups for judging: 4-9 years, 10-15 years, and 16 years old through Adult.
  • You will design and transform a character doll, creating inspired clothes and costumes to answer the 4 Challenges below!

Challenge #1

“I’m Dressed and Ready to GO, but WHERE?”

Create the ultimate summer outfit for a day at ________ (YOU DECIDE!)

Deadline: August 23rd

Challenge #2

“Unconventional Challenge”

Create an outfit using recycled materials to clothe any warrior, wizard or person you choose.

Deadline: August 30th

Challenge #3

Go wild with creativity to “Dress a recognizable character” from your favorite book, cartoon, song, painting or movie.

Deadline: September 13th

Challenge #4

“Design a fun Halloween outfit” for your figure.

Deadline: October 4th

How to Enter

To register, call Artsplace Monday – Thursday, 9am – 4pm at 203-272-2787

Registration is first come/first served.

Registration of $15 includes one doll to be used for all challenges and a box of fabric and adornments.

Participants may use their own doll if preferred (not to exceed 14” in height), or if Artsplace supply of 75 dolls is depleted.

Regardless of whether using an Artsplace doll or your own, a $15 registration fee is required.

If doll/fabric are requested to be mailed, an additional fee of $10 is required for USPS with expected delivery of 7-10 days.

Once registered, a pick-up time to choose doll and box of supplies will be arranged at Arts- place (Tuesdays/Thursdays 10am-3:30pm or Saturdays 9am-12pm). Selection will take place upstairs in a safe, socially distanced manner. Remember to wear your masks.

To enter a challenge, you must email photos by the submission date listed in the Rules.

Winner in each age group will receive a $25 Gift Certificate awarded in each challenge. The Grand Prize Winner will receive $100 Gift Certificate. All correctly submitted entries will be seen online in the “Runway Show” on the Cheshire Public Library website.

Register early to take part in all four challenges!

Challenge Rules

  • Participants may use their own doll if preferred (not to exceed 14” in height), or when Artsplace supplies (75 dolls) are depleted.
  • Participants may take part in any or all four separate challenges.
  • Challenges may be completed in any order! Photos may be emailed in advance of all four deadlines and will appear in the online Runway Show updated weekly.
  • Materials used are limited only by imagination and may include fabric, paint, clay, feathers, ribbons, recycled items, aluminum foil, shells, decorative paper, etc.
  • Participants may also “style” the doll changing hair color or length, alter makeup, etc.
  • There is no requirement to use any of the supplies provided in the box. Fabrics, additional materials or accessories owned by participants may all be used.
  • Each participant will be issued a number upon registration. This number along with first name and last initial will be used to identify your submission.
  • To be considered entered for a Challenge prize you must email (actual size) three photos of the doll (front, side & back view) to artsplace@cheshirect.org by each specific deadline date, with assigned number included. If photos arrive after deadline, they will still appear on the website, but are ineligible for a prize. *Please note that only one image will appear on the online Runway Show, others are for benefit of the judges.
  • When taking a photo, you may place your doll in front of either a plain or a decorated background. Please adjust photo for the doll and clothing to appear as large as possible and with both head and feet visible.
  • Participants completing all four challenges by each deadline will be enrolled for consideration for Grand Prize Winner. The Grand Prize Winner need not to have previously won a challenge but must have entered all four by proper deadlines.
  • Judging Criteria: Creativity, construction skill and overall transformation will be taken into consideration.
  • Winners will be announced one week after each challenge deadline. Grand Prize Winner will be revealed at judge’s discretion. Gift Certificates will be mailed to winners.
  • Disclaimer: Submitted photos of design or doll images portraying sexuality, violence or questionable taste will immediately be eliminated and disqualified. All photo submissions will become the property of Artsplace to publish accordingly.